【NTPU × AIT】EMI Teaching Consultation Workshop,歡迎師長報名參加。

■ 日期:2024年3月5日(二)
■ 時段:10:00-11:30、13:00-14:30(備註:二個時段皆為相同內容與主題,請擇一時段參加即可。)
■ 主題:Enhancing Pedagogical Perspectives
■ 講者:Ramon A. Mislang, AIT英語專家學者
■ 時長:一場為90分鐘
■ 地點:國立臺北大學三峽校區人文大樓4F18(English Corner)
■ 課前準備:報名之教師,請於2024年3月3日前完成2023年11月22日【NTPU × AIT】EMI教學諮詢工作坊的PPT影片及課後任務,並上傳至Padlet平台,會在工作坊中做討論。(已完成之教師請忽略此項)
■ 報名時間:即日起至2024年3月3日(日)截止 
■ 報名連結:https://reurl.cc/orq4rl
■ 報名對象:(報名優先順序如下)
                      1. 本校參與112學年度EMI教師培訓之教師為優先。
                      2. 本校商學院EMI課程授課之教師。
                      3. 本校各學院全英語授課之教師。
                      4. 參與112學年度EMI教師培訓之校外教師。
■ 報名人數:一個時段為16~20人,額滿為止。(※ 如該時段報名人數已滿,且皆為本校參與112學年度EMI教師培訓之教師,本辦公室將提前關閉該時段之報名表,確認名單後將以Email通知成功報名者。)

※  報名成功與否,最遲將於活動前1天寄Email通知。
※  諮詢活動每個時段皆提供茶點。
※  關於諮詢時間及名單,請以通知信件為主。
※  活動若有異動,將另行通知。

聯絡人:雙語化學習辦公室 查該莉助理
信   箱:chagaili7408@gm.ntpu.edu.tw
電   話:(02)8674-1111#66951
■ Date: March 5, 2024 (Tues)
■ Time: 10:00-11:30、13:00-14:30 (Please note: The two sessions are the same. Please sign up for one session.)
※※From 15:30 to 17:00 on that day, Fellows will also be available for one-on-one teaching consultation services. Teachers are welcome to make appointments.
■ Theme: Enhancing Pedagogical Perspectives
■ Speaker: Ramon A. Mislang, AIT English Fellow.
■ Duration: 90 minutes.
■ Venue: Room 4F18, Language Corner, Humanities Building, Sanxia Campus, NTPU.
■ Preparation before class: Please complete the PPT video and after-class tasks of the [NTPU × AIT] EMI Teaching Consulting Workshop on November 22, 2023 before March 3, 2024, upload it to the Padlet platform and bring it to the workshop for discussion.(Teachers who have completed this, please ignore this item.)


※※11/22 Workshop-related information is as follows:


■ Registration link:https://reurl.cc/orq4rl

■ Registration time: From now until March 3, 2024 (Sun)
■ Eligible participants: (※According to the following order of priority)
  1. National Taipei University faculty who participate in the EMI teacher training for the 112 (2023/24) academic year.
  2. Faculty of the College of Business at NTPU who offer the EMI courses.
  3. Faculty of National Taipei University who offer EMI courses.
  4. Teachers from other schools who participated in the 112 (2023/24) EMI teacher training.
■ Number of participants: 16~20 per session.  (※ We will close the registration form for the session once the number of applicants for the session is full and all the applicants are teachers participating in the EMI teacher training for the 112 academic year. We will notify the successful applicants by email.)                                                                                               
※ We will notify you via email 1 day before the event.
※ For consultation hours and participant list, please refer to the notification letter.
※ Refreshments will be provided at each session of the event.
※ We will notify you of any change of plan.

If you have any questions, please write/call: 
Contact person: Gaili, Project Assistant, Bilingual Education Office, National Taipei University.
(O) 886-2-8674-1111 ext.66951